About AlterBoston
Boston, Massachusetts, is a city of complements, contrast, and variety. In KC Winter’s version of the city, that variety includes deities, demons, shifters, and other beings, who coexist with humans–some of whom are more than simply human–in a world where magic is real and a large percentage of people openly have psychic abilities, in a society where “alternative” sexual and romantic orientations and activities such as BDSM or polyamory are officially accepted–though not by everyone.

The geography of AlterBoston is primarily that of the real-life Boston and surrounding areas, and many of the attractions of those areas exist in the fictional universe. But other businesses and attractions, and some of the general landscape, are purely the product of KC Winter’s overactive imagination.


About KC Winter
Since she was a child, KC Winter has loved making up stories and creating whole new worlds in which to set them. With the introduction of AlterBoston, she has an entire universe in which to play! KC’s fiction defies genre boundaries, incorporating elements of romance, erotica, paranormal, and suspense in a fictional city where regular humans coexist with humans-plus (humans with psychic and/or magical powers), deities, demons, and other beings.

KC believes that almost all love is valid. In AlterBoston, polyamory (having romantic/sexual relationships with more than one partner) and BDSM are accepted by society, in keeping with KC’s wish that people would accept various flavors of romantic and sexual love–presuming all are consenting adults and no one is harmed against their will–without judgment or condemnation.

In KC’s personal life, romance and close friendship sometimes blur, and her husband is perfectly accepting of that. KC has participated in raising two offspring to adulthood, and is now focusing her parenting on three cats. Under the pen name Jo Ramsey, she also writes young adult fiction with a message of acceptance and hope. She lives in the “normal” version of Boston, but keeps hoping to meet shifters, deities, and even demons someday.