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buy antabuse Back in 2012, I had a book published under my Jo Ramsey pen name. Since Jo writes young adult fiction and the book was definitely not young adult, it didn’t do so well. I contacted the publisher and asked for my rights back.

In 2016, I re-released the book under my Karenna Colcroft pen name. That was a better fit.

But when I decided to launch KC Winter, I realized that Vengeance Is Sweet was a perfect fit for the AlterBoston universe. So I took down the book from Amazon, did a little sprucing up, and added a new cover with my new name. And now it’s available on

Over time, I’ll be re-releasing some of my out of print Karenna Colcroft titles under the KC Winter name, because I feel they work much better as AlterBoston novels. But I’ll also be releasing new material, starting in August with my novel Council of Eleven. Stay tuned for updates on that and other upcoming titles!

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