Welcome to AlterBoston, where the improbable is real, and the real might not be. This site is intended only for ages 18 and over; if you are under 18, please navigate away.



In AlterBoston, the world of KC Winter, humans coexist with humans-plus, those with psychic and/or magical powers. And humans aren’t the only beings. Spirit guides, demons, and deities also populate AlterBoston, either as themselves or by living in the form of humans-plus.

AlterBoston is a city of variety. Polyamory, kink and BDSM, and all gender identities and sexual orientations are accepted by society, though naturally there are those who disapprove. Numerous cultures exist side-by-side. Prejudice does exist, as it will anywhere humans live in proximity to each other, but it is not as widespread as in reality.

More information about the city and its creator appears on the “About” page. Thank you for visiting AlterBoston; we hope you enjoy your stay.


News and Reviews

Council of Eleven, KC Winter’s first AlterBoston novel, will be released in July 2018. Stay tuned for updates!